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dogs-in-bowl.jpgAfter years of selling Polish Pottery at ou brick & mortar store we are sad to announce we will be closing the shop on Dec 23 2020.  We will STILL BE be OPEN on line 


 I was introduced to handmade Polish Pottery stoneware in 2004 when my husband and I moved from Minnesota to Europe. 

I went along on a road trip with girlfriends to Poland. I went on the trip mainly to see the country of Poland, shopping for Polish Pottery was secondary. When we arrived in Boleslawiec, we went into several factories and many shops filled with hand painted pottery. It was overwhelming, each shop had so many beautiful patterns and shapes that I had a hard time deciding what to buy. On that first trip I did not buy much, a few coffee mugs, breakfast plates and berry bowls. My friends did not have a problem deciding what to buy. We shopped until the car was full (which meant we had boxes under our feet). When there was not another space left to fill in the car we started the 7-hour drive back home.

Twice a year my girlfriends and I would make the trek to buy more pottery. The more Polish Pottery I had the more I loved it. It was beautiful, unique, and incredibly durable. I started out buying a few cups, then dessert plates and berry bowls. Then I wanted everything in Polish Pottery. I brought it back for gifts for my family and friends in the States. I love the pottery and the Polish people, they are so kind.

Many years later I still have the first mugs and dishes I bought on that first trip to Poland. I use them every morning for breakfast.

I love Polish Pottery so I decided to import and sell it. It is great to give as gifts as it fits any décor. The patterns are fun to mix and match. The UNIKAT Stamp on the back of  some of the more intericate patterns is a remider how special this pottery is.  Unikat is Unique in Polish.  I hope you will enjoy and treasure your Polish Pottery as well.

Give as Gifts

Give great wedding presents or housewarming gifts with these unique dishes. They are perfect for Polish Pottery collectors and provide casual elegance for your everyday enjoyment. All of our items are Lead and Cadmium free.  If you don't purchase the set all at once, no worries. All the pieces go together, so you can buy and add on to your collection later.

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We keep the prices inexpensive for your convenience.Orders are shipped promptly.